Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

$17.99 USD

Size: S (11.8x11.8in / 30x30cm)

S (11.8x11.8in / 30x30cm)
M (15.7x19.7in / 40x50cm)
L (17.7x23.6in / 45x60cm)
XL (21.7x29.5in / 55x75cm)

No Longer Need To Sweep Your Bed!

You can easily prevent damage and protect your floors with this designed and easy-to-use litter mat!

The Most Effective Mat: It has been carefully studied by our engineers to trap the litter so that your cat does not sow it everywhere on your carpets.

 Non-Slip: this mat stays where you put it! It retains the litter and thanks to its adhesive side does not move a bit when your cat crosses it.

Easy To Deploy And Maintain: Fold the two layers easily and dispose of the used litter in the litter box! Save money and time!

 The Waterproof Layer Protects Your Floor: The material of the bottom layer of your carpet is waterproof and will not allow any liquid to pass through. Protect your floors and carpets from unpleasant urine stains. Water cleaning is recommended.
 Very Thick: Our carpet is of superior quality! Unlike other thin and fragile carpets, it does not tear or crack when you shake it. Even after washing it! Its soft and non-toxic coating resists your cat's claws.

 Enjoy A House Without Odor: Our carpet is anti-odor and BPA-free! Just shake it or vacuum up excess litter to clean it. No more smelly litter!


Color: Black

S (30 x 30cm / 11.8 x 11.8in)
M (40 x 50cm / 15.7 x 19.7in)
L (45 x 60cm / 17.7 x 23.6in )
XL (55x 75cm / 21.7x 29.5in)  

Material: EVA

Package Include

1 x Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

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