The Best Gift - Birds Stained Window Panel Hangings

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This stained bird suncatcher is so vibrant and eye-catching Hummingbirds, redbirds, bluebirds, and Baltimore orioles are very attractive and cute birds. Having a lot of significant symbolistic meaning, this suncatcher will magically change your home to the happiest place of living full of joy and happiness. I'm sure that everyone will be thrilled by such a gift.

During the process of manufacturing goods, we use only the high-quality materials

This artwork is suitable for hanging anywhere. The best thing every day is to see the sun shining in front of the window.

Making stained crafts is not just for business, first of all, for happiness. Every product is made with love because this is my family's hobby.


Style: Pastoral

Space: living room, outdoor...

Material: Metal

Size: 3 birds 18 x 15cm / 4 birds 15 x 10cm

6 birds 24 x 20cm/ 7 birds 20 x13cm 

Package Includes:

1 x Birds Stained  Window Hangings


Each suncatcher is unique and made by hands

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